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Todd is not only an amazing trainer but he is also an amazing guy. He showed me everything I was capable of athletically but also as a person. Being a part of Body Temple for almost 2 years, Todd pushed me extremely hard but that’s how I train the best. One of the best things about Todd is he understands everybody learns differently. Some of us, like me, learn better while being pushed and told that i can do more, while other need praise and kind words. Todd takes the time to understand that with each and every person that come into Body Temple Fitness. He worked hard with me to adjust workouts perfectly for what I needed. Todd made me the strongest I have ever been but the best part was that he made sure it was the best environment to be in. I always left Body Temple feeling extremely good about myself and the work I had put in but I also had a smile on my face because I knew I was in a place that cared about me as a person not just as an athlete. 🙂 Thanks for everything you’ve done for me! Couldn’t have accomplished everything I have without you! I loved being a part of Body Temple. Thank you so much. 🙂 Megan



I was a high level competition gymnast for 12 years before I suffered a career ending injury. After several months of physical therapy I realized that I needed a trainer who understood my specific challenges and limitations and could design an appropriate training program for me. I have been with Todd for 3 years and have experienced improvement in strength, conditioning, and range of motion. Along with that I am now a number 1 varsity tennis player and considering to play in college. Without the and training from Todd it would have been very difficult for me to make a transition from a rhythmic sport to a much more dynamic sport like tennis. Over the past 3 years Todd has not only been a trainer for me, he has also been a father figure and friend.



Todd Clites Todd Clites, owner of Body Temple Fitness Todd Clites, owner of Body Temple Fitness, has been a huge support for our daughter in her recovery process. She was diagnosed with an autoimmune disorder that resulted in permanent neurological damage. Six years ago when we first met Todd, we knew it was a perfect fit. Todd has individualized her workouts to best support her needs and has encouraged her every step of the way. He truly believes in each of his clients and wants them to succeed in their goals. Our daughter has had the opportunity to work with other employees of BTF and they have given our daughter the same training and encouragement. I myself have benefitted from BTF through the Adult Athlete Team Training. We are very thankful for everything Todd has done for our family and highly recommend Body Temple Fitness.    

Becky W.


I have been training with Todd for about 4 years now. I attended workouts regularly and maintained my weight quite well. However, I had not been losing any weight, and didn’t really think I needed to, but when I would see pictures I myself it was a very different version than what I saw in the mirror. In May 2016 I finally decided to try the meal plan Todd had been telling me about for some time.   I had never been one to “diet” before, so this was all new territory for me.  All though it did take some time to plan and prepare the meals it was not difficult.  The meal plan is very easy to use and follow.  I just had to be disciplined enough to follow it. I have been through three different plans now and each time lost between 8-12 pounds for a total loss of 22 pounds.  Now I find myself making better choices when I feel hungry; instead of reaching for chips or sweets I usually will eat some fruit or protein. The best part is hearing compliments of how good I look and being told that I need to buy new workout clothes.

Rebekah R.